Who We Are

FFCAQ provides professional and courteous service for the filipino-canadian organizations and communities in Quebec.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our community with activities, programs and services that are of benefit culturally, physically and socially taking into consideration the organization’s means and capabilities. As members of the Canadian multicultural society, we are committed and dedicated to foster the development and preservation of our Filipino traditions and cultural heritage as well as to defend and promote the interest and rights of the Filipino-Canadians residing in Quebec. We will also strive to enhance our relationship with other cultural communities and the Quebec population in general.


Promote and safeguard the rights, interest, and well-being of all Filipino and Filipino-Canadians residing in Quebec.

Preserve and promote the Filipino language, culture, and traditions.

Help the Philippines in time of calamity.

Solicit, negotiate, and administer funds to achieve the goals of the corporation.

Develop good relations within the community and other organizations as well as other Canadian multi-cultural groups.

Establish a Community Center for the future generations.


  • Assist new immigrants to integrate to the Canadian way of life.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops on issues affecting the community such as immigration, employment and human rights.
  • Provide assistance to any Filipino or Filipino-Canadian who is in need, within the means and abilities of the corporation.
  • Support the activities of member associations.
  • Solicit funds for Philippines disaster relief.
  • Help international relief agencies involved in Philippines disaster relief efforts.
  • Promote and sponsor sports and recreational activities in the community.
  • Sponsor computer literacy courses.
  • Raise funds through membership dues, donations, legacies, and other form of fundraising to support the corporation’s activities.
  • Publish periodicals, books, directories, and other materials for the use and benefit of members and the community at large.
  • Establish and maintain a Philippine Community Center for the use and advancement of Filipino culture, arts and sciences, language, sports, and other activities the community may wish to undertake.


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